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"How to Successfully Balance Motherhood and Entrepreneurship: Work-Life Balance Tips for Mom Entrepreneurs"

Successfully Balancing Motherhood and Entrepreneurship can be hard. Find out how this mom found Work-Life Balance and learn some tips for your own mom entrepreneur journey.

A Story told by: Jenn Chen of Jenn Chen Photography

Needing Work-Life Balance as a Mom Entrepreneur - Finding my Why:

Mom guilt is this insanely real phenomenon where we second guess basically every decision we make because we see someone do it differently. As moms, we have this biological desire to want the best for our children, of course. In my experience, since starting my own business, the mom guilt is on overdrive. Everyone has an opinion about how mothers should mother and most of the time these opinions are in direct contradiction of each other.

We should spend more time with our kids, but also prioritize self care and work on ourselves. Kids need alone time to gain independence, but not too much, because they are only small once, and you have to savor it. Moms should work and be a good example for their daughters, but don’t allow someone else to raise your children. Everyone has an opinion. It's hard everyday to make the decision to continue my business, even though I know it’s the right thing for my family. 

When the noise and the other opinions become too loud, I’ve tried to focus on my why. Why I continue to push myself in my business. It’s not for me (although I’m certainly proud). It’s not the money (I’m a nurse also - there’s easier ways for me to make a living). For me, my “why” is my girls. And it’s specific. I want them to see me try something to the point of having failures occasionally. I want them to see how I handle myself when an idea doesn’t pan out for me, or when I fall short of a goal. I want them to see me pick myself (or my biz) up, and continue on.

If I never have failures, am I really trying? Am I really growing and learning? That specific lesson is my why.

Successfully Finding Balance in Motherhood and Entrepreneurship - Finding my Focus:

Once I did some reflecting and was able to narrow down why I’m actually doing this, it became much easier to focus in on my business goals. For example, it became easier for me to turn down certain photography assignments that didn’t align with my goals, or would take too much time away from my family. It became easier not compare my biz to other photographers, as it occurred to me that my why (and therefore, goals) are probably pretty different. 

This year, I’m trying a big new thing. I’m opening my own photography studio. I’m absolutely scared of failing at something so big, but taking this leap of faith really aligned with my business and family goals. I’m pushing myself, and possibly having failures along the way as I navigate something so new. And I get the extra nights and weekends back to spend with my family.

Work-Life Balance Tips For Other Mom Entrepreneurs:

As a fellow mom entrepreneur, I’m sure you have also navigated all the opinions on how you should mother. As you gain experience in motherhood, you likely find it easier to turn away those unwanted opinions. I urge you to put that same confidence into focusing your business goals. This will help you find the Work-Life Balance as a mom Entrepreneur you are needing.

Determine your own why and work backwards - what goals can get you closer to honoring that why? And then, once you have that, shut out the extra static! Don’t compare yourself to others in your industry - their goals aren’t yours. Don’t do something because you feel like it’s required of your industry (for me, it’s graduation photos - I don’t enjoy them, they don’t fulfill my goals or my why).

Your business is yours. Structure it in a way that fulfills you, and leave out the things that don’t. Channel that confidence and strength that only motherhood can give.

Jenn Chen is a Mom, and a Family and newborn photographer in the Walnut Creek, CA area. You can learn more about her on her website and on instagram.


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