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7 Best Make Up Tips for Your Next Zoom Meeting

Updated: Mar 20

Try theses 7 Best make up tips for you next Zoom Meeting. They are quick and easy that you can do today!

If you feel like your make up efforts are not showing up on your virtual meetings, you're not alone. You might have had your make up routine down getting ready for work. But, now that you're working from home, looking back at yourself from your zoom screen can seem like your efforts were wasted.

Don't feel bad! Make up on camera looks a little different than it does in real life. Add in factors like lighting and the resolution of your device and it can totally throw off how you really look. All you need is a few guidelines to follow, a couple different make up techniques and you'll be looking great the next time you click "Join Meeting"

  1. Always do your brows- Well done eyebrows are a feature that really frame and lift your face. Lighter colored brows are harder to see through the camera. Use a brow pencil or powder to give them a little more color and to fill in sparse or thin areas. Dark brows can still use a little help by filling in thin spots.

  2. Skip the Eye shadow- Eye shadow really doesn't show up on screen very well. Unless you are using very bright vibrant colors, it really doesn't look like you have shadow on. If you feel like you need to put something on, just use one neutral color all over.

  3. Stick with Liner and Mascara- If you feel like your eyes look small on screen, make them pop with eyeliner and a good mascara. Regular natural looking, or day time mascara won't show up on screen well. Opt for a bold mascara that thickens and elongates lashes and do a double application. I love The Balm Body Builder Mascara because it looks great and wont bother sensitive eyes.

  4. Go Simple with the Foundation- Most people don't have Hi-Def computer or cell phone screens and even if they do, they are looking at little pictures of everyone on one screen. You don't have to do your full make up concealer, foundation, setting powder routine. A light foundation or a Tinted moisturizer will do the trick. If you feel like you need a little more coverage, just do a once over with your foundation, but really, skip all the extra steps.

  5. Contouring is your friend- Even though you're going light on the foundation there are a few tricks we can use to make our faces look the best. Contouring helps round faces seem slimmer and highlight the cheek bones. Glo Skin Beauty Contour Kit has beautiful, natural shades. I'll show you how to use it in my makeup video, its supper easy and no fancy brushes required.

  6. Try Bronzer and Blush- These two items will help add a little color and life to your face. Skin complexions can look dull or washed out on screen. Even just using one of these can give you a healthy glow that will show up on on your computer.

  7. Make your Lips Pop- Unless you naturally have highly pigmented lips that contrast your facial coloring, lips are another feature that look washed out on screen. To make them pop skip the nude colors. Go for brighter pinks or reds. Even something that would normally be your going out color will still look work appropriate for your virtual meetings

This might seem like a lot of guidelines, but honestly you are just swapping out one thing for another. You can also try just one suggestion at a time. Then you can see how you like the way it looks next time you're on a zoom meeting. If you want to try out all the suggestions, I can walk you through it step by step in my "getting ready for zoom" make up video and we can get ready together! If you are looking for some new make up my two favorite brands are TheBalm and Glo Skin Beauty. Also! Check out my other blog for other tips to look great on your zoom meetings!

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