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From one Mama to another (a letter of encouragement):


Hi Mama! I'm Tiffani,

As a new mom I made the hard decision to leave my old business behind and start my new business online. I loved being home with my babe but I was alone a lot!

It took me a while to finally figure it all out and find a work from home and life flow.

I want you to know that you are not alone! You can run your business, plan a great work and life schedule and take care of yourself too!

I hope I can be a part of your tribe and our planners can help you to shape the life you want.

If you’re a mama running a business and managing your family, If you feel a little alone, overwhelmed and stuck, you’re in the right place! And I want to be part of your village!

As a mom it is hard to find that village to give you the strength and support you need. I hope I can be part of yours!

With Love and Gratitude,

Ps: I am here for you but you can be part of my village too! I regularly connect with and seek advice from some awesome mamas in my Facebook group! These mamas are in the same place of life and business as us.

I’d love to connect with you personally there, come on and join our group!

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