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Look like a professional on Zoom - 3 beauty tips to start doing now!

Updated: Mar 20

You can look like a professional on Zoom, here are 3 beauty tips to start doing now!

Since we are all on Zoom either for work or personal now; our routine to present the best version of our selves needs a little tweaking. What others see through their camera screen is not the same as what they see in real life (hello sweat pants!) But, for the most part we still want to maintain a professional image from the waist up when we are in front of the camera, especially if we are working from home. Here are 3 things to keep in mind when getting ready for your next virtual meeting:


1) How to do your hair so you look like a professional on Zoom:

You don't have to fuss as much with your hair for the camera as you would for real life because no one is going to see the back of your hair. Focus most of your time and energy on the front and sides of your hair. Having a quick and easy go-to style for your zoom meetings will help you get ready in minutes!

*For fine or oily hair, using products like dry shampoo and texture spray can give your hair some life, and take seconds to apply. I love Powder and Undressed from Hairstory.

*If you are dealing with frizz preventative maintenance is a must! Use silicone free moisturizing products and read my blog all about "how to beat the frizz" For a smoothing finishing product you can apply to your ends will help add shine and calm frizz. Hair Balm from Hairstory keeps my curls frizz free and its an easy to apply product you can let air dry.

*If you want to put your hair up and just not even worry about it, try the Invisibobble! They hold really well, from fine hair that would normally just slide out of place to crazy thick hair that is supper heavy.

HairStory Styling Products: (use this link for 20% off your first order!)

2) How to do your Makeup so you look like a professional on Zoom:

Make up is different in front of the camera. Some things show up really well, others not so much. You don't necessarily need all new camera make up. Just know what items to put more effort in using and which to skip or go light on. In general brows, eyes, and lips need a little extra pop for the camera. Read my blog on "Best Make up tips for Virtual meetings" for in depth info. Or if you need a visual, watch my zoom make up tutorial and we can get ready together!

3) How to fix your lighting so you look like a professional on Zoom:

Lighting is everything! Bad light makes us look tired. To much light makes you look blurry on screen, and too little light makes you look like you're in the witness protection program! None of these situations are what we want after we spent time getting our hair and make up ready for our meeting. Here's a few tips for the perfect amount of light.

* Always face your window for best lighting. This way natural light will fall on your face and not shine directly into your camera.

* Turn up the lighting on your phone or computer. Sometimes we think we look dark, when really it's just our screen that's dim.

* If its dark or just grey outside (Thanks Wisconsin!) you may need some inside lighting. Keep your light above you and the camera but not shining directly at you. You may need two lights like an over head ceiling light and a desk lamp.


Following these 3 key points will help you get ready for your Zoom meeting quicker and help you look professional while on screen. Even if you are zooming for personal reasons, you'll still be able to put your best face forward for your friends and family. And don't worry about the sweat pants, we both know everyone else has them on too!


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