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How to use a weekly planner

Updated: Mar 20

If you are wondering how to use a weekly planner here are 4 tips to get the most out of it.

You can use these tips in any weekly planner but these great tips for using with the "Work & Life Planner"

I will be mentioning features in the Work & Life Planner. However many of these features can be found in other weekly planners.

Tip 1: How to use the 4 check boxes in each day of your weekly planner:

  • The most popular way to use these boxes is for your top 4 things to do that day. Once you have finished one of your to do items, you can put a check mark in the box.

  • Another way is to assign the boxes to different areas of your life and write the one thing that is most important in that area that needs to be done to move your self forward.

  • You can also put in the first letter of each area in a box. For example I’ll put “H” “W”, “P” and "D" in the boxes. “H“ for Home, “W” for work and “P” for personal and "D" for dinner.

  • You can divide the boxes into morning, afternoon, and evening sections. For this I like to put an "M" "A" and "E" in the boxes so I can write the most important thing I have to do for each section of that day. The last box can be for dinner or an appointment you have that day

Really the sky is the limit for these check boxes. You can put appointment times in the boxes or even initials of your family members.

Tip 2: How to use the empty space boxes on your weekly planner.

These empty space box spaces are there so you can customize your planner anyway you want. The sky is the limit on what you can use these boxes for but, here are some good ideas:

  • Write down your goals for the week. You can use one box for your personal goals and one box for your work goals.

  • Use a box as a weekly habit tracker. Write the days of the week across the top and write one or two habits on the side of the box. Then check off each day that you completed the habit you wanted to do.

  • Use the empty space boxes for personal motivation like inspirational quotes or a favorite scripture or something you want to remind yourself about.

  • Write any quick notes, grocery lists, meal planning, your focus for the week or even your gratitude space.

Again, the sky is the limit with these empty boxes. Make these boxes yours and use them however you need!

Tip 3: How to use the space at the top of each day in your weekly planner.

  • You can keep it simple and just write that days date.

  • Write your daily goals. For example if you want to remember to take your vitamins or drink water every single day write that at the top, then you can cross them off when you do.

  • Write any special appointments and appointment times for the day.

  • You can also use the space at the top of each day for meal planning. You can write down what you want to make for dinner that day for example.

This planner is meant to work for you! So use this space how you want. I tend to change it up depending on the week. Sometimes I like to write what I want to do for "Me time" in that space.

Tip 4: How to use the space in your planner that says "What went right?"

  • Write down things you are grateful for that week.

  • Write down your wins in life and your wins in business.

  • Write something that happened that week that you want to remember.

  • Write goals or habits that you reached or progress that you made on them.

  • You can even put a sticker over the title or use some Washi tape to cover it. Then you can use it as another open space blank box.

These are my 4 tips on how to use a Weekly planner. Most of these tips you can use in other weekly planners. But, they work best with The Work & Life Planner.

The Work and Life Planner is for Moms running businesses from home. It's an all in one large disc-bound planner that will give you that work/ life balance you've been missing.

It is simple and easy to use and most importantly you can customize it anyway you want. So you can change your planning routine however you need as your family's schedule changes too!

If you need a visual of these tips or want more details on how to customize your weekly planner check out my video below:


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