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5 Tips to Save Your Dry Hands this Winter

Updated: Mar 20

Try these 5 tips to save your dry hands this winter. Actually these tips will help year round too!

Wisconsin is notorious for drying out our hands every winter. At the studio I would do moisturizing hand treatments on almost every client during this time. While it is a nice little luxury to get a hand treatment at your salon appointment, the reality is without proper home maintenance your treatment wont last very long, and we have a long winter still ahead of us.

Even if hand care is not on the top of your self care list (they can't even see my hands through zoom!) really dry hands can be itchy, even painful and could make you feel self conscience. Practicing these few easy tips will help save your dry hands and keep them feeling good and moisturized all the way till summer!

  • 1) Use Cuticle Oil- Cuticle oil doesn't just keep you from getting hangnails. Cuticle Oil will help your natural nails from becoming dry and brittle and help prevent them from breaking. Natural nails will maintain a healthy shine and polished nails will last longer. Try adding cuticle oil to your morning and evening beauty routine and your nails will immediately start to look so much better!

  • 2) Wear Gloves Outside- It's so easy to think "I'm just going to run out to the car really quick!" or "I'll just put my hands in my pockets!" But our Cold Wisconsin air will suck the moisture right out of your hands within seconds! If you don't want the outside air to undo your moisturizing efforts make sure to put on some gloves before you go out the door.

  • 3) Wear Gloves While Dish Washing- It took me a long time to realize this one, but dish washing liquid is designed to remove oil/grease from your dishes. Even though some brands say they're gentle on hands, they will remove oil from your skin! If your hands are dry and you don't know why check to make sure your are wearing gloves while washing dishes.

  • 4) Use Moisturizing Soap & Sanitizers- Since we are washing our hands and reaching for the hand sanitizer much more often right now, opt for a more moisturizing option. They will have better quality ingredients like aloe vera and have a lower alcohol content that will still sanitize but leave your hands in a much better condition. My favorite sanitizer right now is Hempz Triple Moisturizing Herbal Sanitizer.

  • 5) Stash Hand Lotions Everywhere- To make sure you always have lotion when you need it, purchase a few Mini Hand Lotions and keep them where you'll be needing them. Have one by your hand soaps in the kitchen and bathroom. Keep one on your night stand, and defiantly keep one in your car or coat pocket! Right now I have a few Hempz Lavender Oil Moisturizers stashed around. It smells so nice, makes my hands feel so good and it has an added benefit of cbd oil to help with hand pain.


If you want to hear my overview about Hempz brand lotion and sanitizers watch my video here!

Hempz Lavender Oil Moisterizer:

Hempz Triple Moisture Herbal Sanitizer:


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