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Welcome! Learn how to Balayage Faster.

Welcome! Learn how to Balayage Faster.

What Students are Saying:

"Tiffani was amazing, totally cleared up all my confusion with balayage. Highly recommend."

Corinne R.

"Awesome class. Down to earth & realistic to salon use. Very helpful. Great detailed instruction and helpful hints"

Laura C.

"I came to class with a decent amount of knowledge with balayage, but this class really taught me those small tips & tricks to work smarter not harder! Totally worth it."

Lisa F.

"Great overall info & loved how organized the class was. Theory & presentation was well explained. Thank You!"

Gabby S.

"Tiffani was very knowledgeable and was thorough in making sure everyone was on the same page. And all our questions were answered. She had such a great personality and made this class very enjoyable!"


"I highly recommend their hands on class! I walked away felling way more confident using balayage lightner."


"I feel so much more comfortable doing a balayage. I cant wait to order the lightener and use it. You are a great educator!"

Koty C.

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