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Time saving hacks for busy women

Time saving hacks for busy women to make your life easier and stress free.

I have 4 time saving hacks that will help you have a stress free morning. Some are product recommendations and some are things you can do.

1: One of my favorite time saving hacks for busy women, is using two in one products beauty products. These products can really help save time and energy.

You can find quality products that are two in one. There are many high-end skin care and hair care products that will help you do double duty, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality for time.

One of my favorite hair product companies that has two in one products is Hair Story. The hair cleanser "New Wash" cleans your hair and conditions at the same time. It really helps cut down on time in the morning because you only have to do one thing in the shower.

Hair Story has a variety of styling products that are also two in one. As a busy woman these are awesome, because you can get a great style, save money and time! You won’t need a whole bunch of products to create your style.

You can see the whole line of Hair Story's products by clicking the picture below. You'll also get 20% your first order!

2: Another one of my favorite ways to save time as a busy mom and business owner is to multitask my skin and my hair care routines.

I will usually do a skin or hair care routine while I am cleaning or doing some other housework while letting my products do their work at the same time.

I love doing a face mask and a hair mask while I’m cleaning the bathroom before I get in the shower. Or I will let my mask sit while I’m doing the dishes before bed.

If you need help finding the right hair or face mask try taking my quiz in the "Free Product Beauty Guide" (at the top of the page) you can also just check out my shop page and scroll through the different brands. Under each brand there's some information about it.

3: Another time saving hack for busy women, is to have certain days for different hair and make up routines.

For example you can have a workday routine versus a casual day routine or a weekday routine and a weekend routine. This way you know exactly what you’re doing and how you’re going to style your hair and make up each day. You won’t waste time trying to figure out something new.

4: The last hack for busy women is to set out what you need the morning before. You will set yourself up for success the next day and really save time.

Don't just set out your clothes but set out your hair and skin care supplies too. Set out every thing you need! hair care products, make up, brushes and tools.

This time saving hack is a game changer because in the morning everything is set out and ready for you to go stress free!

I hope these 4 time saving hacks for busy women, gave you some good ideas. If you need more info and tips on how to have a stress free morning read my blog here.

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I didn’t know how to put it all together. I had no mentor and no peers to ask my questions. It was hard!

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